Wooster & Prince

About Wooster & Prince


The cobblestone streets in SoHo, New York City are alive with creative energy and it's here that Wooster & Prince Papers was founded. With the simple goal of harnessing this eclectic vibe into beautiful, original patterns on paper, Wooster & Prince has created a sensibility that's at once forwardly vintage, old-fashioned avant garde, and classically nostalgic.

Mixing mid-century Americana styles recollected from her North Carolina childhood with modern colors and flavors, Wooster & Prince founder and designer Amy Ormond debuted Paper Wardrobes™ in Spring 2003, offering a full line of note cards, correspondence cards, notepads, single cards and fine papers. Named after the streets surrounding her SoHo loft, Wooster & Prince collections are designed for the eye, packaged beautifully for merchandising and meant to draw an immediate connection with vintage textiles and fabrics. Created for the paperphiles among us who care as much about exquisite design as everyday function, Wooster & Prince products are the perfect blend of vintage style with modern chic.

A note on the use of Wooster & Prince Products:

Wooster & Prince encourages the use of our paper for individual craft/hobby projects and is widely available from our retail partners for this purpose. However, our copyrighted designs may not be used for commercial purposes such as packaging or as part of the design of products to be sold. Wooster & Prince does license existing designs and can design artwork and packaging exclusively for commercial use. To find out more about our licensing policy, please contact Amy Ormond,info@woosterandprince.com.