About Mudlark

Mudlark is a family-owned business we started to give us the flexibility
to raise our family. That’s the short and sweet of it – just a desire to not
hire child-care, to eat dinner as a family and be at most soccer games and
science fairs. A passion for life balance and a passion for good products
really started our endeavor.

A nest is our logo because of what it represents: the ultimate recycled home.
Recycling and being responsible in our manufacturing have always been
part of the Mudlark ethic. We did not market our brand as green or recycled.
We just did what we felt was “the right thing to do.” We made products with
a high post-consumer waste content and soy-based inks right from the start
and also chose to use minimal packaging.

To create our personal care products, we spent hundreds of hours working
with natural chemists to develop quality formulations that were also free
of any carcinogens. Our bar soap is so pure you could eat it. We are
continuing to improve our personal care formulas as we learn more each year.

There’s another passion that is vital to Mudlark: giving back to the
community at large. Each new design family is dedicated to an individual
who has touched the life of someone in our corporate family. Mudlark then
donates a portion of the proceeds to that person’s charity of choice. One of
our designers said it best: Feel good knowing the products you purchase
today will help someone tomorrow.

Our premise when we started the company many years ago was that recycled
could be sophisticated. We are very grateful that so many people agreed and
embraced our tiny start-up so that we could build a business based on our
passion and two basic principals: Quality and Integrity. This is what Mudlark
is all about. And it is also our hope that we can help support your passion, too!

Doug & Kim Hamilton