KOCO New York

About KOCO New York

KOCO New York was founded in 1989 by Janeen Koconis. With a business plan in the form of an essay, the idea was to go beyond the ordinary clichés of commercialized communication and bring meaning to the common greeting card—to take the commonplace and elevate it to poetry.  On purpose to become the voice of this dream, now in its 20th Anniversary year, KOCO continues to commit itself to bold leadership.  The materials are words and images.  Driven by the design principle “meaning,” KOCO sets industry standards for visually and emotionally literate communication.  Its international distribution channels include many boutiques and e-tailers along with museum shops and bookstores. Over the two decades, KOCO New York has received national press in major newspapers, magazines and cable TV, including a segment on CNN Style with Elsa Klensch.  Within the industry, KOCO was a 2006 Louie award recipient.  It is also proud to be featured year after year in the UNICEF holiday catalog. On a local level, KOCO has linked itself to a significant social initiative, New York Youth at Risk.  The KOCO Art & Design Studio has recently moved from Harlem to the old, downtown district of Paris - just two blocks from the Louvre Museum for a gallon or two of inspiration.