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The history of The Madison Park Group can be traced back to 1977 when Judi Jacobsen began selling her paintings at local art fairs and soon co-founded Lucy & Me, one of the earliest specialty greeting card companies in the USA.  The company later relocated across town to Seattle's Capitol Hill and was renamed Madison Park Greetings, after a nearby idyllic community on the shores of Lake Washington. 

In 1997, Judi's son Brian Jacobsen and his childhood friend Glen Biely took over the management of the company, expanding the product line while also teaming up with other companies in the industry through strategic manufacturing and distribution arrangements.  In 2010, the company changed its name to The Madison Park Group to better reflect the growing number of diverse companies under its management.  Each partner company retains ownership, branding, and creative control, while benefiting from The Madison Park Group's infrastructure, sourcing, sales/marketing, and industry expertise.

Collectively, The Madison Park Group and its partner companies sell a wide range of stationery, gift, and accessories products to over 6,000 retailers across the country. Many of our products are also available via distributors in other countries including Canada, England, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

In 2012 The Madison Park Group was acquired by Southworth Company, a leader in the fine paper industry for over 170 years. United by a common business culture, Southworth and The Madison Park Group look forward to continuing to work with their partners and retailers to bring new and innovative products to the social expressions marketplace.